Improvise, Adapt and Overcome!”

To safely operate and run, we reference guidelines directly from SportSG to our best abilities

Expect some changes and we will adapt together just fine! As we fully support the government guidelines for safety practices during this pandemic, we have made temporary changes for the better. We have carefully curated a new schedule including blended classes, class structure and safe studio set up to ensure the most for our SportivA Family. 

Safety Guidelines and Studio Etiquette

1. Scan the studio TraceTogether QR code or SafeEntry Gateway Box

– Scan your temperature and show your vaccination status

– Sanitize your hands upon entry

2. You are to wear your mask at all times (Our studio adopts mask-on by default policy)

– except when the coach allows you to do so (during strenuous exercises)

3. Vaccination-Differentiated Safe Management Measures (VDS)

– As the studio follows the VDS system, we will closely monitor the vaccination status of the members and conduct accordingly

– You are to show and prove your vaccination status to the admin and we will verify it

– You are required to put your mask on before, during and after class
(except if the coach allow you to do so in which you are grouped with fully vaccinated individuals during strenuous exercise including yourself)

– If you are non-vaccinated (Aged Under 12), you are advised not to remove your mask during the class

4. Coaches and Staff – Fast And Easy Testing (FET)

– Our coaches and frontline staff strictly observe our health and maintain our good hygiene. Any coaches who feel slightly unwell will carry out the Antigen Rapid Test (ART) for your safety

  • If you are not well, please do not come for training.
  • If you feel slightly unwell, and still want to come for training, do take the ART before attending.
  • Each class has limited slots, therefore do make your booking in advance before coming.
29 March 2022