Yusof Ishak Fencing CCA Experience 2022

Below information is create by CCA coaching vendor of YISS for the purpose of education for CCA Fencing Experience on 6 Jan 2022


Fencing Introduction Video
– The 3 different weapons
– The fencing attire
– The coach

– Saluting
– Footwork
– Lunging

Other videos

The Coaches

Dennis Leong (Head Coach)
Formerly in the national fencing team from 1995-2008 winning 2 SEA Games Bronze medals in the year 2005 and 2007. He also won the SEA Fencing Championships Gold medal in 2006. In 2013 he won the Nationals Fencing Championships which is also his 3rd national title. Dennis is the first  Singaporean fencing official from Singapore to referee in the 2012 London Olympics.

Sarah Kong (Coach)
A Sabre fencer by nature, has coached primary school fencers and also development squads in the secondary level. With coaching skills developed in all 3 weapons, she oversees the development of beginner fencers.

Kok Kiat Xuan (Coach)
Kiat Xuan, currently part of the national team in modern pentathlon , has been in the sport of fencing since 2010. Having studied and training in the Singapore Sports School, Kiat Xuan has a good understanding of youth training in an educational environment. He is strong in communication with students during training.

The Activities

Training will be structured yet fun. There will be elements of games to teach the different component of fencing skills. At times, there will be tough training such as physical, strength and conditioning training to build character in the fencer and bonding among fencers.

There will be opportunities for competition in the 4 years when the fencers are ready.
Potential Competitions.
– National School Games
– Novices Championships
– Singapore Youth Olympic Festivals
– Minime U-14

We will also introduce internal cca club mini league challenges

If you have any question or queries on fencing or the cca in YISS, feel free to reach us by putting your question in this form.

We will try our best to answer your questions.